There goes another year

Well I can’t believe Christmas and New Year has been and gone. This past year really flew by, I think that must be a good sign! Last year was a crazy year for me but is was very good in so many ways. Lots of big changes were made, the biggest being packing up and driving to the south of Portugal with an amazing person I met at the start of the year to set up a golf academy.

One thing that didn’t change was my passion and desire to continue the path of following my dream. I chose not to go to tour school this past winter as I couldn’t justify the cost of it all in the hope that if I was successful I would get maybe a handful of starts. I have learned over the years that I need to compete regularly, I am unfortunately not too good at playing one event every 6 weeks or so. I would rather play smaller events but more often so that I can build up momentum and perform better and more consistent. I am also not so good at last minute starts, when I got a late call to an event I would always say yes, but I know that in my head I can perform better if I know I have prepared physically and mentally and know where and when I am playing. Of course I would rather be playing events for bigger prize funds but I’m hoping by having my schedule in place of smaller events I will be better prepared for the main goal which is LPGA qualifying school at the end of the year.

I am very excited for this year ahead and compared to the last couple of years I am in a much better place in my head. As a golfer I know that off the course things have to be in place and calm in order for me to perform my best so I am very optimistic for what is ahead. All I need to do now is try find some people to come with me. Having moved to Portugal it’s difficult to find sponsors as most sponsors of women’s golf are people you cross paths with and meet on the journey. Being so new here I haven’t really had a chance to tap in to that area yet, I had considered the “gofundme” options that I know some girls in America use but I’m not sure I like that idea. So for now I shall be sending emails, making phone calls, and doing my best networking for the less glamorous side of professional golf, but the vital part in it all coming together.


I feel I have so much more news to share but I will keep it for another blog – it means there will be another one

As always, thanks so much for reading and your interest and support. I wish you all lots of success on the golf course for 2017, but more importantly, health and happiness.


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A quick week!

I’m giving myself a “hi 5″ for a second blog in less than 2 weeks, I think this is a first for me.

It has been a busy and productive week, I feel there isn’t enough hours in the day just now.  Helping to get this academy up and running is exciting but long days.  There is such a huge facility here with so much potential and being able to have such an input with how it progresses is really exciting.  I am looking forward to getting some fellow golfers out here over the winter for some practice and training.

At the resort here  there is an amazing gym and as I said last time we are planning on having elite packages that are fairly intensive for a week of golf and training so I have made myself the Guinea pig.  Last week I met with Michele, the head trainer at AXN 100 and I had a full body composition test- I will not share the results because I felt a bit chubby after a few weeks of delicious Portuguese food and wine! He is now writing me a program to combine PT sessions, physical therapy, and nutrition.  I love this side of sport and I think there’s no better way to tell people about the benefits than to experience it yourself so the plan in a few months time is that I will be stronger and fitter than ever.

The fitness side of things has come at a really good time for me as over this past week I have confirmed that I will be competing in at least 3 tour events in October/ November so it gives me some time to make the most of the facilities and the support here in every department.  I have to say a huge thanks to my sponsor Eric Herd of Farmfoods, without his continued support it wouldn’t be possible to be playing all these events and I am so grateful.

Last week I finally managed to get on a golf course here! My first game of golf in Portugal! I had a playing lesson with one of the hotel guests at BoaVista and it was fab. A challenging start and the par 3’s were all really tough but it was such a nice course to play.  Tomorrow I am playing at Espiche which is a fairly new course out here and it looks really good but really narrow so hopefully all this practice will save me loosing any golf balls

Time to get out and practice now. Now I have some events lined up there will be no stopping me, and certainly with the weather here that just makes you want to go out and practice, then have a wee ice lolly to cool down  For any golf nuts, here’s a little video of my swing at the minute, it’s my plan to start posting some videos with some tips on here or on our “elite golf academy at Cascade” Facebook page.  If you don’t already, then please like our Facebook page, and if you have any interest in sponsorship or questions about what we are doing out here and fancy a trip to the algarve, please just ask.

Practice Time 2

Thanks for reading,




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