Finding Messi! 16/4/12

Yesterday morning I flew from Paris to Barcelona and with one of the other girls on tour we went into Barcelona for the day.  I never really knew much about the city so when we got there we decided to do the city tour bus and it was amazing!  It is a beautiful city with so many amazing buildings and  incredible architecture.  I felt a little bit embarrassed that I didn’t really know anything about it and made me think that when I am doing so much travelling I should really try where I can to see the surrounding areas and make the most of it.

I love watching football and it’s no secret that Barcelona are better at it than everyone else so we got off the bus at Camp Nou and had a walk around. We were against the clock all day so couldn’t get into the actual stadium but El Classico is on Sunday so maybe someone can get me a ticket!!!

We didn’t even get to see half of the city but what I did see I loved so hopefully it’s not too long before I get to go back!

We drove to Zaragoza last night which is 300km from Barcelona and today it is 40mph winds so I didn’t bother playing.  I figured it would do more harm than good as the forecast is not for strong winds during the tournament.  I made the most of my time there and walked the course and mapped the greens so when I play my practice round tomorrow I will know where I am going!

I hope you are enjoying reading my blogs and I will do my best to keep it going :)

Heather x


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