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imageWell it’s pretty obvious that I am not so good at the old blogging. I am only just getting the hang of Instagram.

I am up in Skye this weekend for a bit of chill out time. It has been a very busy year and it’s been a tough one. As always in professional sport there are highs and lows, and this year certainly has had it’s fair share.

It’s hard to believe that my season is over already and has been since September- barring a late call up to Dubai in December. It is equally hard to think it is almost November. It seems no time at all that I returned from tour school for the first time with a full card on the LET. I thought at the time it would be such a good opportunity with many starts but in actual fact that only got me 7 events and thankfully I got another couple of invites to tournaments down under, otherwise it would of been a very short season indeed.

A combination of so few competitive weeks and some personal issues made it difficult for me to really get things going this year but that being said, amongst a struggling year I had the best week of my golfing career in the middle of it all. Out of nowhere, with a struggling golf game, mental game and just not really in a good place, I found something and shooting a second round 65 I qualified for the US Open. From that day, until the end of US Open week, it was just such a great time I have so many good memories and positive learnings to take from the experience and move forward.

I am already excited for the year ahead and I am also so thankful that I am PGA qualified and I am putting that to use just now as I have such a long gap before I play on tour again.

I am so thankful to all my sponsors, especially FarmFoods, Anderson Anderson Brown, Tazza Di Caffe and The Marcliffe for supporting me this year. When things don’t always go to plan it is so nice to know that I have a great team behind me that believe in me and what I am doing. Without them I could not pursue this career.

Thank you all for your support and messages throughout the year,

Heather x

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