Tough being Scottish?

So I was sitting waiting for the shuttle back to the hotel from the golf course today and got talking to a couple of people who had some interesting information regarding support for some of my fellow professionals.

Discussing national governing bodies and federations I discovered some girls get financial support that covers all flights, accommodation, food and other expenses and the same for a caddy.  They get support throughout the year in warm weather training camps, fitness support, nutrition, psychology, the list goes on.

As I sit there I’m asked what the Scottish federation/ governing body do for me.  Unless full time amateur or a professional with a full LET card there is little in place to give female profesionals any financial help.  I have been lucky enough to have met some people who have agreed to help just now and without this help I would not be in Spain right now, I would be working at home in a professional shop somewhere I’m sure.

Having the resources to fund a full time caddy, and have the fitness, coaching and all other aspects of being a professional golfer taken care of is something I cannot even imagine right now.

I am not jealous of these people in the slightest, I will just continue doing what I do… Work hard, practice hard, follow my dreams and do what needs to be done in the process and when I get there I will remember those who helped me get there :)

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One Response to Tough being Scottish?

  1. Robin says:

    Well said Heather !

    I saw evidence of this support first hand, last year at the Womens British at Carnoustie (ironic, eh), where the Swedes were receiving 1st class support from their national federation.

    The Swedish federation had rented accomodation, brought a Swedish chef, coaches & trainers, and was providing a “home away from home” atmosphere for the swedish players. Kudos to the Swedes for their forward-thinking when it comes to womens golf. The results of their proactive approach speak for themselves.

    Would love to see similar support out there for you, Catriona, Katy, both Pamelas, et al, so I hope the Scottish federation considers your call for more support. Given the huge economic boost that the Womens British brought to the scottish economy last year, it seems only right that the federation step up.